Saturday, October 09, 2004

People are doing what I say!

Last October, at a high-profile campus event, I saw one of our fine students dressed head-to-toe in a homemade Spiderman costume. There was no easily discernible reason for this, and he wasn’t doing anything else to attract attention to himself.

As it happens, this was also an in-joke in a play I worked on in 1989. (“Spiderman” was going to be the artistic concept for the show, basically so people would stop asking the author and director “what the artistic concept is”. Guess you had to be there.) Seeing a 14-year old joke come to life, 400 miles from its point of origin, is a pretty strange feeling. And when I related this story to one of the people who knew the joke, he said,

“And then, in his 33rd year, the prophecies began to come true.”

Well, it seems more of the prophecies are being fulfilled, because it seems 3 more people have chosen to follow my teachings.

Hugh over at Three Bed Two Bath took my suggestion to read a banned book; he chose Catcher in the Rye. Interestingly enough, he’s finding a lot of empathy for a kid without a single adult in his life who seems to give a damn about him. And Lemming took the same suggestion; she’s slogging through A Moveable Feast, and not liking it very much.

Considering that I bashed Catcher in the Rye and suggested A Moveable Feast for people who don’t like Hemingway, perhaps my public ministry needs work.

And I’m writing this now from an airport gate which I reached without any no-fly hassle. So I’m assuming that Joseph bin Joseph took my advice and turned himself in, thereby clearing our name from the TSA watch list. Who knew I had such power?

(I know that a hypothesis like inconsistencies in the list, or in enforcement, between different airports and airlines probably satisfies Occam’s Razor better. But I’m about to get in a tin can and hurtle through the air at an alarming speed, and I’m going with the theory that I am, actually, in some way more safe.

(Thinking of George Carlin’s routine about airport language… “what is pre-boarding? Let’s get on the plane before we get on the plane? And that’s another thing… let Evil Knievel get on the plane! I’m getting in the damn plane. It’s too windy for me out there!")


Blogger TeacherRefPoet said...


I'd have read a banned book if I had even a second to read anything!!!! Someday soon, though.

2:25 AM, October 10, 2004  

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