Saturday, December 11, 2004

I am not Tiger Woods

According to the Internet, however:

I am Lando Calrissian.
I am Captain Kirk.
I am Angel (which is a surpise).
I am Chef.
I am Gonzo
I am Casey (which is no surprise at all).

I am Thailand.
I am Love in the Time of Cholera.
I am Georgia.

And apparently, I am a lace bra.

Well, whaddya know?


Blogger Reggiemonster said...

I am Luke Skywalker. (I was hoping to be Leia)
I am Commander Data. (Complete with the tap dancing!)
I am Anya.
I am Mrs. Cartman. (sigh)
I am Elmo. (To no one's surprise)
I am Dan. (Dan? Really?)

I am Canada. (People make fun of you a lot, but they're stupid because you've got a much better life than they do. In fact, they're probably just jealous. You believe in crazy things like human rights and health care and not dying in the streets, and you end up securing these rights for yourself and others. If it weren't for your weird affection for ice hockey, you'd be the perfect person.) (Go Maine Black Bears!!!!)

I am David Copperfield.
I am Rhode Island.
I am A Flashy Red Bra. (Who knew?!?!?)

8:42 PM, December 11, 2004  
Blogger lemming said...

Emperor Palpatine. (Who?!)
Bones McCoy. (Who did have Dr. in front of his name...)
Beaker -- OK, I give up.

11:50 AM, December 12, 2004  
Blogger GrrlScientist said...

This brrd loving grrl is a lace bra, too! who da thunk it? but more interesting is who are these people who think up these goofy quizzes anyway?

(no, I don't have the time to take all those other quizzes, even though I know you are all dying to know what else am I!)

4:56 PM, December 12, 2004  

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