Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We all want to change your head

Today is National PATRIOT Act Call-In Day. If the overreach of executive power worries you, if disregard for the First and Fourth Amendments offends you, if you don't think the American experiment is over just yet, please pick up the phone and call both your Senators and your Representative.

The USA PATRIOT Act (which should always be capitalized, because it's an acronym) does accomplish a lot of needed reform. The reauthorization bills are specifically looking at the areas which were hastily pushed through out of fear. Please ask your Congresspeople to support the Senate version of the bill, which better supports both civil liberties and security.

When you call, ask Members of Congress to fight for:
  • The inclusion of language in Section 215 requiring a statement of fact linking the person whose records are sought to a terrorism investigation.

  • The inclusion of language allowing a Section 215 recipient to pose a meaningful challenge to a FISA Court order.

  • The inclusion of language allowing a Section 505 recipient to pose a meaningful challenge to National Security Letter.

This is a natural bipartisan issue, so don't be afraid to call your Congresspeople, whether or not you usually agree. You might be pleasantly surprised.

A phone call is the best way to get your message across, especially if it's coming as part of a large, coordinated demonstration. It's an immediate way to make sure the Congress knows where the mainstream stands. But if a call's not in the cards today, please consider a paper letter or even an email. Any contact will help strengthen the supporters of the Constitution, and cast at least a little doubt on those who will sacrifice liberty for temporary safety.



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