Saturday, July 03, 2004

A journey of a thousand miles

starts with a single step, or so they say.

But I'm pretty convinced it starts with the second step. What is one step, after all? In basketball, you can take one step all day, as long as your other foot remains planted. You're just stepping around in circles, not moving, not even dribbling.

So here we are, on the second step. Or about to take it. Or not. Maybe I'm just shifting my weight. Maybe I'm just going to stand here and look for the open man.

Did I actually open a blog just to say that I'm not sure I really understand blogging? Or is this where I start looking for a voice, and something to say with it. Are we taking a journey? Or are we taking a page from Chris Knight:

Let's just take a step back.
No, I was wrong. I'm sorry. Take a step forward.
Now take a step back . . .
and then a step forward . . . and then a step back . . .
and then we're cha-cha-ing.

What the hell. I love to cha-cha.

Two blog posts about blogging. Don't tell the Meta Police. (Or their Internal Affairs Division, the Meta-Meta Police...)


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